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Chicago, IL

Nikki Hopewell, a Chicago-based certified medical intuitive, uses intuition remotely to explore your body's energy and help you return to health and wellness. 


Get answers to your questions about medical intuition and energy medicine.






Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medical intuitive?

A medical intuitive uses intuition to sense the cause of physical or emotional conditions within the body. Once the causes are determined, the medical intuitive makes recommendations to help improve these conditions and encourages clients to participate in their own healing.

How can a medical intuitive assessment benefit you?

Once energetic congestion and/or blockages are identified, emotional, spiritual, mental and physical issues can be revealed. From there, recommendations are made that help ease areas in the energetic body that are blocked and congested. Neither the medical intuitive nor the assessment gives a diagnosis.

What is energy medicine?

Energy medicine combines the mind/body connection, the emotions and the energy intake system (chakras). It is becoming an accepted fact that thoughts and emotions have a profound effect on the body, and long standing negativity can result in illness. Learning to function with positive energy becomes a choice once we have the tools and awareness that energy medicine promotes. Energy medicine is not meant to replace traditional health modalities but rather used as an adjunct in complementary care, addressing both physical and emotional disorders.

How can this be done from a distance with no information on the person?

Energy is a transferable commodity that exists everywhere in the environment around us. Our planet is made up of electromagnetic fields, and energy is a part of this. We have all experienced thinking of someone, only to have that person call within moments. That is energy moving through a form of telekinetic transportation. A person's energy body has the same ability to transmit. There is no difference in assessing a person through distance or in close proximity, the accuracy is the same.