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Chicago, IL

Nikki Hopewell, a Chicago-based certified medical intuitive, uses intuition remotely to explore your body's energy and help you return to health and wellness. 

Medical Intuition: It's Not What You Think (But What You Feel)

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Medical Intuition: It's Not What You Think (But What You Feel)

Nikki Hopewell

Since I'm throwing around this term medical intuition a lot on this site, you may still not quite know what it means. 

Being a wordsmith, I thought it might help to break the word down, but that won't really cover all the bases. (Ha! Thinking vs. feeling. Soo not intuitive.) So it's probably best to first explain what medical intuition is not.

  • Medical intuition is not about diagnoses. It's an examination of your energy to find possible root causes of emotional and physical dis-ease. It gets to the core of stuff—the real root of what's causing you pain. 
  • Medical intuitives are not necessarily healthcare practitioners, although some are. We come to this practice from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines.
  • Medical intuition does not require med school training, however, it does involve in-depth training. It's about learning to work with your own natural abilities and trusting what comes through. (Yep, that means you too can do this.)
  • Since medical intuition is not in the business of diagnosing people, have no fear, you won't be drowning in any clinical terms—pinky swear.
  • Medical intuitives are not the same as psychics, but again, some do have both skills. Medical intuitives focus on helping you get to the root of health-related issues. We do not predict your future; only you have control over that.

Then what is medical intuition? In this case, "medical" refers to the body. Medical intuition simply means using intuition to tune into the energy of another person's body. I literally sense what you're feeling through what the energy in your body is telling me.

And let's be clear. Medical intuition is not an energy free-for-all. Medical intuitives don't just walk around scanning everyone's energy around them. (Can you imagine how exhausting that would be?) To access a person's energy, we first need your permission.

Although medical intuition is not about the practice of medicine, there is one common similarity between medical intuition and the medical profession: The intent is to heal.

I don't consider myself a healer per se, but part of the healing profession. I'm merely a conduit that allows you access to your own body's energy. Once you come to understand and learn what your body is telling you, then true healing can begin.

Hmmm ... so that makes you the true healer then, huh? Pretty powerful stuff. Now how does that make you feel?

With Warm, Loving Energy,